By Fill Hairbanks, Ruse Diocese and Funny Sign Reporter

With the world still reeling from terror attacks in Paris, and with politicians around the nation and region focused on an emotional debate over whether to welcome thousands of Syrian refugees escaping a humanitarian crisis, Buffalo’s preeminent spiritual leader, Bishop Richard Malone, remains focused on a decidedly more existential threat: funny church signs.


20120809 Bishop Richard J. Malone presides at Evening Prayer with priests of the Diocese at St. Louis Church. (Patrick McPartland/Staff Photographer)

In a statement released Thursday, the bishop admonished Catholics who let themselves be distracted by the desperate circumstances of thousands of Syrian widows and orphans, reminding them, “As Catholics, it is imperative that we remain steadfast in Jesus’ mission of protecting each other from the dangers of irreverent church signs.  Though it may be tempting to be drawn into the distraction presented by hundreds of thousands of anguished human beings, we must remember that our duty, above all else, is to eradicate church signs like, ‘Jesus had 2 dads and he turned out just fine.’”

Asked for comment, Bishop Malone remarked that while some in his flock were frivolously attending a rally in support of refugees at Erie County Hall yesterday, he was scouring the Allentown neighborhood after a tipster reported a sign that read, “If God Doesn’t Like Gay People, Why Did He Make Channing Tatum?”